Welcome To Yet Another Silicon Valley

The abovementioned location highlighted in above article heading is deliberately confined to its lowercase lettering. Because many of you reading this right now might be saying to yourselves; well, there is only one Silicon Valley, now isn’t there. True that, and this is where it all started. But after the dotcom bubble burst at the turn of the millennium, things have been coming along dramatically in leaps and bounds ever since. So much so, in fact, it is also beginning to make business sense for some of the country’s foremost silicon wafer suppliers to relocate.   

silicon wafer suppliers

And yet they, some of the companies anyway (and there really are not that many if you take into account the trade and industry records that may be kept in this regard), have decided to retain the original Silicon Valley as their home base. Because after all, this is still going to be where most of the business will be centered. The technologies associated with the fabrication and manufacture of so many products influenced by its hardware and software makeup (these elements you may be familiar with in your everyday use of devices and appliances ranging from mobile handheld units to the microwave oven in your kitchen) have been passed on.

And the companies that are utilizing these technologies are located in different corners of the world with the main hubs being centered in and around different parts of China, India and Europe. One of the key ingredients that go into the making of all your products is that of silicon. Heavy-scale and industrial use items require the use of silicon wafers for its fabrications. And then the actual ingredient that is your silicon still needs to be mined from basins as remote as those found in central Africa.