A One Of A Kind Piano Man

All across the world there are a dime and a dozen of them already. So many talented, jazzy piano men out there on the boards, many of them self-taught, hardly any one of them who got a shot at going to one of the finest music schools in the world. And these are the schools, great and small, that could put famous places like Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert to shame. Never mind that, great to know, great to listen and know that you have them all. And because of your own taste, you all have your one of a kind piano man. But hush now. It has suddenly gotten pretty quiet. What could have happened?

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This seems to be taking a while. Not the piano man’s fault. But what a pity. You thought that no matter the numbers, the talented numbers are still a thing of minority, but an even rarer event perhaps is that of the piano repairman birmingham business. Here, there can be no talk of mere keyboards and recorders, although it must be said that all these must be fixed too, there’s just so many kids out there with itching fingers itching to learn how to play. It’s just that, hands up chaps, how many fellows in the world today can work the grandest one of them. How many are out there that can handle the big, black grand piano.

The great Steinway and his sons perhaps? Probably, but that was then and this is how. Many can play the grand classics but not many, in fact, very few can repair the ivory and ebony keys, the pedals and the hammers. Such is the rarity of the real one of a kind piano man.